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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:39 am

1. No begging. This includes begging for gold, items or assistance. You may ask for these things from guildies but if you get no response or are told no that's it. No harassment of a guildie for saying no will be tolerated. It is within their right to dictate their own time and resources. We all help each other out, this is a guild after all, but there should be no pressure to do so.

2. Rank will be given based on your attitude, performance and attendance with the guild as a whole and during raids. Raiders will have one month to find their position on the raid team. At the end of that month they will either become a main or a sub. If it is determined by the officers before one month that they are not a good fit for the guild they will be asked to leave the guild. If you are friends or family and do not intend to raid you will become Accepted. No one under level 20, alt or otherwise, is allowed in the guild. Do not ask for a promotion because you will never get one that way.

3. This is a guild for mature players. No one under 16 can be a member. Adult language and content, including swearing is allowed. Members must be mature and able to tolerate adult themes and harsh language. However flaming, elitism, exclusion and discrimination including race, color, creed and sexuality will not be tolerated. Each individual is a reflection of Valiant and thus one another in SWTOR. Extend this to your interactions with others in game.

4. Humbled Status: A member may be placed into the Humbled status if, after they have been warned by an Officer/Council to clean up their dialogue, continues to persist in offensive dialogue. Humbled status means the guild member has no rights other than the ability to view guild chat. This is not a demotion technically but considered a time out where the guild member needs to consider what they have been discussing and why. The Officer must consult with at least one other Officer before placing a guild member in Humbled status. If another Officer is not on they have the right to make the decision.

5. Officers are responsible for the Guild. Each Officer has the authority to moderate and take necessary action. Each Officer must abide by the following protocol when using this authority: An Officer will consult with all other Officers who are online before implementing disciplinary action such as demotion or kicking. The Officer will announce what they have done to the entire guild and explain the reason.

6. All Officer decisions regarding dismissal are final. You may seek a clarification of an Officer decision, and the Officer will present you with the facts and findings they have. Any disagreements must be discussed on the Guild Forums, and not in the World of Warcraft Realm Forum. All guild dismissals must be fully documented with all available evidence in the Officer forums, to ensure that matters are dealt with fairly. Severe member issues may necessitate an immediate dismissal from the guild. Such cases arise when the good name of the guild is questioned. Inactivity of a toon after 3 months if not marked an alt or on vacation is grounds for dismissal.

We take this very seriously, as should you.
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Guild Rules
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