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 Ranks of the Guild

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PostSubject: Ranks of the Guild   Fri Dec 16, 2011 6:12 am

Ranking Structure

DL - Dark Lord
This rank is for the founding and current leader of the Guild. Only 1 Dark Lord is allowed at any given time

SL- Sith Lord
The 2nd highest rank in the Guild, Sith Lords are the highest achievable rank by any member. In order to reach this rank one must dedicated and show extreme passion for both the guild and its success. Sith Lords receive the up-most respect from all members and are apart of the Council that rules helps rule the guild. Also they Host most of the Guild events.

SM- Sith Master
This is the Officer rank in the guild. The Sith Masters job is to enforce guild policy and ensure those who show promise promotion in the guild. A Sith Master can be apart of the Council.

SK- Sith Knight
This is the Veteran rank in the Guild. Only achievable to those who show that they are not only efficient at there class but also in tune with guild events. Showing up to all meetings and giving respect where respect is deserved these make up the star players in the guild. Sith Knights can be in the Council

SW - Sith Warrior
Basic member in the guild with the average rights of a normal player.

M - Minion
Newbie/new member
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Ranks of the Guild
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